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Mattice Lock & Safe

Lincoln's Oldest Locksmith Shop


Our Safe Services:


  •  Safe Sales and Repair

  •  Changing & Resetting Safe Combinations

  •  Lost & Forgotten Combinations

  •  Emergency Safe Locksmith Services

  • Safe Delivery/Installation in Lincoln, NE and surrounding areas

Sales and Installation



We sell and install safes for your home or office. Whether you want a gun safe or a hidden wall safe, our safe locksmith team can fit your needs. Stop into our store today to discuss your options. We make it our top priority to fulfill your needs and clearly communicate with our clients at all times.

Whether you would like your safe dropped off in your garage or brought downstairs into your basement, we are willing to work with you to get it where it needs to go. We also have the tools to secure safes by bolting them down to the floor or surface you have in mind.

Safe Repair and Combo Recovery


Whether you bought a gun safe on auction without a combination or you've just forgotten it, we are able to recover most if not all lost combinations to both dial and digital pad safes. If the safe has been through a fire or the mechanism is broken, we can find a way into it if you've got something valuable or necessary such as medication or passports.

We are also able to repair new and antique safes. If the mechanism is broken or just isn't working quite the way it should, our experienced locksmith and safe expert, Ron Wilson, can repair and refurbish most safes. Give us a call today and we'll get you a quote! We service Lincoln, NE and surrounding areas.