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Medeco Locks

Why Should You Use Medeco For Your Home or Business?


 • Key Control - Only those registered on the signature list are able to get keys made, and only our locksmith shop carries the key blanks for your locks. We can also stamp and number the keys so you can keep track of who has which key and how many keys are currently in use

 • High Security Locks - Medeco cylinders have extra protection against drilling, picking and bumping. All Medeco locks come with hardened face plates to make them harder to drill through

 • Masterkey Capability - Medeco locks can easily be masterkeyed so that you can have one key to open everything while employees only have access to where you want them

 • Lockout Protection - We keep your key information on file so that if you lose your last key or get locked out of your building, it's not the end of the world! In minutes we can cut you a brand new key to get you in and keep as a spare for next time!

Patented Key Control


When you get set up with Medeco keys you choose who is allowed to get keys made for that address. We will create a file for you with names and signatures of those authorized to have duplicate keys made. We are very strict on only copying keys for those on the list. Each lock shop has different blanks so you can rest easy knowing that only you can have keys made, only at Mattice in Lincoln, NE

Medeco X4 AKA Keymark


We've recently started using an affordable, residential key control solution known as Medeco X4 or Keymark to our customers. X4 is a registered Medeco product and offers the same key control and signature list procedure but is more economical and comes in many different lock formats so it is easily retrofitted into existing hardware. If you're looking to buy high security locks but can't budget the higher-end Medeco products, Keymark just might be for you. 

We are currently offering a special: An USCAN brand light commercial-grade deadbolt with X4 cylinder for only $99.99. Come in today and ask about making the switch to Keymark!